lead windowAs of April 22, 2010, the EPA has instituted new guidelines and regulations for the renovation and/or remodel of homes built prior to 1978, the year that the manufacturing of lead-based paint was prohibited. If lead is present within paint on building components above Colorado's action level, any activity impacting these components must be conducted using "lead safe" work practices and RRP (Renovation, Repair, and Painting) certified contractors.

To determine if lead-based paint is present, an inspection must be conducted by a State of Colorado certified lead-based paint inspector. Trigger levels:

  • An inspection must occur if more than six square feet of interior surfaces,
  • Twenty square feet of exterior surfaces will be disturbed,
  • ANY window is being replaced.

Most all contractors, and any window contractor, working in homes built before 1978 containing lead-based paint must be "RRP certified" to do so and must employ "certified" workers per the new regulations.